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Secure on-line shopping! A trusted source of the highest quality, wholesome and healthy, human-grade pet treats, dog birthday party supplies, dog treat packaging, and more.
-since 1999

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Fun Dog Stuff! Dog Treat & Dog Birthday Cake Mix
Bone shaped paper clips, Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine, St. Francis Medallion, and more ..... Dog treat cookie mix, Dog birthday cake mix, Dog Cake Frosting mix, Dog Bone Shaped Candles, Breed Towels, Recipe Cards, and more....
Dog Toys Birthday Supplies
Talking Gingerbread Man, Loofa Dog, Hide-a-Ball Toy,  Flash-N-Dash, Chilly Bone, Box-O-Bones, Magic Hat, more...... Dog Bone Shaped Baking Pan, Bone Shaped Candles, Party Hats, Paw Print Balloons, Paper Plates, Napkins, Dog Birthday Cake, and more.....
Natural and Healthy Dog Treats Cookie Cutters!
New Puptato Chips, Flossies,  Hypo Allergenic Liver Biscotti, Organic Sweet Potato or Cheddar Cheese Treats, more ..... Bone Shaped Cookie CutterDog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutters, Recipe Cards, Bone Shaped Sets, Breed Shapes, Bakery packaging, Ribbon, more.....

Arts & Crafts, Recipe Cards, etc.
StickersDog Bone Punch, Dog Paper Punch, Stickers, Stationery, Pooch Patrol, Scrapbook Supplies, Recipe Cards, Dog Bone Paper Clips, Dog Stickers, more.....

Kitchen Supplies, Dog Property Tee Shirts,
Dog Collars & Leashes, Dachshund Lovers "Stuff", Dog Breed Specific Doggie Diners

Better Birthday Selection! Dog Beds & Dog Crate Accessories
Dog Theme Party? You'll be amazed; we have it! You can find all of the best supplies for your next dog theme birthday party. If you are simply celebrating your dog's birthday or hosting a theme dog party, you can find all of the supplies here! We carry a wide selection of beds including Organic Beds and those for large dogs. From simple to plush, we have it!

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